Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vermont Seriously Thinking About Single Payer Health Care System

The State with BALLS

Vermont may be a very small state not too many people live in or visit, but it's doing something no state has dared to try and that's a single payer health care system. Lots of Republican states, have blasted Health Care Reform, but however they are focus on repeal but no real replacement. They might rabble on about trying to free up our already free-market health system that is mocked by the world. 

Dr. William Hsiao

They've gotten some pretty good help too. Vermont is getting assitance from Dr. William Hsiao who is an expert on health care financing and social insurance. He was also a big help in the creation of the Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China) single payer system.

Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont-I)

Even though he's a federal Senator, Bernie Sanders has recently talked about Vermont's plans to go single payer in the next few years. I really admire Vermont's example, though I'm sure even in such a liberal state that elected the only socialist member of congress (i.e. Bernie Sanders), private pratice and private insurance will fight state law makers to the death on this one. 

First Federal leader of the Canadian New Democratic Party, and former premier of Saskatchewan, Tommy Douglas 

A similar thing happened up in Canada many decades ago. Tommy Douglas led his province of Saskatchewan with a universal health care system. Private insurance, and private practice fought Tommy and the New Democratic Party very hard which helped destroy a lot of the reputation and power of the NDP. However the program stayed, and became a huge success which got the whole nation of Canada to follow suit. Medicare in Canada is very liked among the general population and even the ruling Conservatives under Prime Minster Stephen Harper wouldn't dare think of destroying it.

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