Monday, February 28, 2011

Watched Twilight Saga: New Moon with my Girlfriend

My girlfriend recently got done reading the novel, so as I promised like last time that I would watch the movie with her. 
Takes place shortly after the first movie. Not much has changed besides Bella knowing that the Cullens are vampires, and they're still awkward teenagers. 
The movie starts off with Bella having a birthday. At first she tells people she doesn't want anything, but they decide to get stuff for her anyway. While at the Cullen house, she opens up a gift, cuts her finger, and stuff happens. 
Edward get scared, and tells Bella he doesn't like her no more. 
Bella goes emo, but finds friendship with her wannabe boyfriend Jacob Black. Who desperately wants to tap that. 
There's also some super-strong vampires in the movie now. The girl is creepy, but the other ones make poor excuses for semi-villains. 

Even though it has it's flaws, I enjoyed New Moon a lot more than I did the original Twilight. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Top Ten NES Games #1: Super Mario Bros. 3

This one wasn't a hard one to figure out. Super Mario Bros 3 is platforming goodness, and I bet you couldn't find a legitimate top NES list without it in somewhere in the top ten. 
Super Mario Bros. was a compelete step up over Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros 3. had evolved so much over 1,2, and Lost Levels. The world was so much diverse, more paths to take, more secrets involved, and a much tougher challenge. Just hope your friend who played along with you didn't take advantage of every stupid mushroom house because he's a greedy jerk.
I think my favorite memory of SMB3 was getting to big world-small world. A rather gimmicky idea today, but back then it was like breaking the fourth wall. You almost couldn't believe what you were seeing. 
Even though I very much prefer the All-Stars version pictured above, the NES original is still a classic even though the SNES version has a much prettier coat of paint. Most of these games on my list are older than I am, and they still hold up as well as they did in the 80's and 90's. Good games don't age, mediocre games just lose their luster. And Super Mario Bros. 3 is as perfect today as it was all those years ago. 

Super Mario 64 DS Can Use the 3DS's Analog Stick

Thank you Jesus.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Top Ten NES Games #2: Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is a classic, and it's no wonder it's on the top of my NES list. Miyamoto had created two fine games with Donkey Kong and Mario Bros in the arcades. But this on NES, was something that blew everything out of the water. 

Probably not the best looking NES game (btw the clouds and bushes are exactly the same!), however it is one of the best in terms of gameplay. 

We've all practically played this one to death except maybe some of the younger kids who are reading this. I really shouldn't even have to write why you need to play Super Mario Bros. 

It may not have the flashy graphics of the sequels, the countless power-ups, Yoshi riding, or maps, but it's still one of those games I can pick up every few years and play till the end like I was still a 2 year old playing with my Dad and brothers in the early 90's.

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Top Ten NES Games #3: The Legend of Zelda

When I was little I HATED this game. Mainly because it was hard, and I couldn't get passed the beach for more than two minutes. I later played Ocarina of Time thinking I might hate it, and then it ended up being my favorite game of all time. 
I later went back and finally got to play it again thanks to Action Replay and a copy of Animal Crossing for Gamecube. Besides being stuck with a GC pad, I had a really awesome time, now that I was a more experienced and smarter gamer than I was when I was 3.
For an NES game, the first Zelda is HUGE. Not so much compared to later games, but back in the day there was a reason why the game had one of the first batteries to save your progress.  The graphics have aged yes, but I think they maintain a certain charm that still looks good in my eyes.  
It may not be the best game in the series, but it laid out a great framework for the rest of the series. Though you might need a internet guide (some of the puzzles and secrets are a bit bullshit, I think there is one dungeon that's under a random bush) to finish the game, it's quite good not in terms of just length but quality as well. A must for any Zelda fan, and back then it really showed the world that Miyamoto could do something amazing besides Mario. 

Hawaii Becomes 7th State to Legalize Civil Unions

Doesn't take affect until next year, but it gives gay couples the same rights as married couples. 

My Girlfriend Made Me Watch Gossip Girl

I had heard it was based on some novels before we watched it, so I was hoping it might have a quality base to start from. Never read the books so I was hoping they were decent. Either way she made me order the disc through Netflix of Season 1. 

The show takes place in New York, mainly at some snobby private school in Manhattan. Gossip Girl is a blogger who writes about all the teenagers of the Upper East Side via tips and photos sent to her by fans. The show revolves around the six main characters above. 

Serena Vanderwoodsen just comes back from boarding school after a year of absence. Her best friend Blair feels resentment for her not telling her goodbye. She then goes apeshit when she found out she banged her boyfriend before heading off to boarding school. She tries not to party and drink, but somehow kept doing it at points in the show. Girl is not smart.

Blair Waldorf is a bitchy queen bee mean girl you'd find at any school. She's quite evil.

Dan Humphrey is a Brooklyn kid who's father wanted him to get an education so he could get into the Ivy League. Obviously doesn't fit in with the rich kids, but somehow manages to date Serena. 

Nate Archibald is some whiny rich kid who's dad is on coke, and his mom is a bitch. Cheated on Blair wih Serena, and goes through many mood swings and bad choices. He gets a lot more tolerable towards the end of the season. 

Chuck Bass is probably my favorite character. A suave playboy who dates a lot of women, does crazy shit, but proves he has a heart towards his friends at the later half of the season.

Probably the most annoying girl on the show is Jenny Humphrey. Like Dan, her brother, she doesn't have much money, so she desperately can't fit in at school. She has to sell much of her stuff to stay at par in fashion and go to the places her rich friends go to. Does some retarded shit later on which made me shake my head. 

My Top Ten NES Games #4: MegaMan 2

MegaMan 2 may perhaps be the best MegaMan ever crafted by the folks at Capcom. Now I know there are some people who prefer 3 or some of the X games over it, but that's not about that. I think 2 really is one of the finest sequels in the NES's library, and one of the few major sequels that was remotely similar to the original. 

It may not have added many fancy new features that we saw in 3+, the X games, Battle Network, Legends, or any other MM game Capcom pukes out these days, but it did nail almost everything right. From the game-play, the difficulty, the platforming, and defiantly the bosses. They certainly weren't running out of ideas back then. 

MegaMan 2 is a classic. No doubt in anyone's mind. If you haven't played one of Capcom's greatest gifts to gaming then you really should get yourself some sort of copy; because it's something not to be missed. You can see why Megaman 9 and 10 tried to take a much more simpler approach by playing Megaman 2. 

Obama Tries to Pwn Defense of Marriage Act, Republicans get Butthurt

The Defense of Marriage Act was a law signed by President Clinton after the Republican congress passed the bill. Pretty much says the Federal government won't recognize same-sex marriage incase a state tries to legalize it. Obama is now saying part of the law is unconstitutional, and pretty much making the whole law null and void if successful. I for one support gay marriage, and I think it's sick that Conservatives are trying to deny decent people the right to marry each other.  

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn)

Michele Bachmann has taken the chance to cash in on Obama's liberal stance. She's trying to get 50,000 signatures in 2 days or something while begging for donations. 

"This is just the beginning in our fight to repeal Barack Obama in 2012," "Had Barack Obama been on the ballot in 2010, he would have gone down in a fiery defeat. Yet he continues to push his far-left, socialist agenda on the American people. And today, he has declared war on marriage. As conservatives, we must push for a new type of 'change' in our country and fight for our shared values." -Bachmann

This woman is suppose to be the congressional head of the Tea Party, and yet despite claims of "freedom" guess doesn't matter if you're a dude who likes dudes.

Random Funny Picture Dump #9

Ken Jennings is still the man

Admit it, you cried when Ash let Butterfree go. 

Who gave Spiderman a car?

Thanks Walmart

LOL At Justin Beiber. 

I'm getting my eventual kid a cake like this

Somethings odd about this picture... ah I see Japan's flag is a bit zoomed out. 

Fucking tea-baggers

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Top Ten NES Games #5: Punchout

This is easily going to be a favorite on anyone's NES list or list of great boxing games. However while later post-SNES boxing games made it feel like real boxing, Punchout made it feel like the Rocky movies almost, which I think was pretty darn awesome. 
Punchout is more of a puzzle game than a boxing game. Each boxer is different, and they use their own different attacks, and counters. You really only have a left and right jab, with a super uppercut you have to build up. Little Mac can hold his own, as long as you got the skill to read the opponent's moves, anticpate their next strike, and have the reflexes to carry it out. Once you get past our Soviet vodka soda drinking friend, it's no easy task. 
In a later re-release on NES, and much later in the Animal Crossing/Virtual Console versions; Mike Tyson is taken out of his own game. He is replaced by Mr. Dream, and rather odd choice who looks kinda bland, but yet has the same moves as Tyson. Many thought it was due to Tyson's criminal charges, but Nintendo's official statement was because he lost the Champion title. I'm sure the whole ear biting thing is never going to help matters either. Still a great game, Tyson-less or not.

Got Pokemon HeartGold

Back in the early 2000s or maybe late 90's I got Pokemon Silver for my Gameboy Pocket. Yes I know it says Gameboy Color on the boxart, but Nintendo thankfully added the ability for the game to be played on the original gameboys too. A move I think which left Black and White on the original DS too, since I'm figuring it was made with the 3D(S) in mind.

So I bought HeartGold for my girlfriend after she wanted it really badly. She already had SoulSliver, and she wasn't far into it at all. So I took control over HeartGold

Silver and Gold are now kinda outdated back on the GBC. Classics indeed, but if my little nephew gets to be a little older, he'd laugh in my face if I gave him this to play. 

Now this on the other hand is a good example of a remake. Mixes things up and puts a few of the new additions they added in the older games (no new pokemon past generation 2 though) in there as well like playing as a girl or the double battle system. I now have pokefever again, and I can't wait to battle my way to the Elite Four and defeat Red once again.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Read Harry Potter And the Prisoner of Azkaban

Man did they gut this book to make a film out of it. The film seems much worse in retrospect with all the plot details taken out of it. Really enjoyed this one, can't wait to finish Goblet of Fire.

Also found the French cover of the book online. Jesus Christ.