Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got Pokemon HeartGold

Back in the early 2000s or maybe late 90's I got Pokemon Silver for my Gameboy Pocket. Yes I know it says Gameboy Color on the boxart, but Nintendo thankfully added the ability for the game to be played on the original gameboys too. A move I think which left Black and White on the original DS too, since I'm figuring it was made with the 3D(S) in mind.

So I bought HeartGold for my girlfriend after she wanted it really badly. She already had SoulSliver, and she wasn't far into it at all. So I took control over HeartGold

Silver and Gold are now kinda outdated back on the GBC. Classics indeed, but if my little nephew gets to be a little older, he'd laugh in my face if I gave him this to play. 

Now this on the other hand is a good example of a remake. Mixes things up and puts a few of the new additions they added in the older games (no new pokemon past generation 2 though) in there as well like playing as a girl or the double battle system. I now have pokefever again, and I can't wait to battle my way to the Elite Four and defeat Red once again.

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