Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Top Ten NES Games #5: Punchout

This is easily going to be a favorite on anyone's NES list or list of great boxing games. However while later post-SNES boxing games made it feel like real boxing, Punchout made it feel like the Rocky movies almost, which I think was pretty darn awesome. 
Punchout is more of a puzzle game than a boxing game. Each boxer is different, and they use their own different attacks, and counters. You really only have a left and right jab, with a super uppercut you have to build up. Little Mac can hold his own, as long as you got the skill to read the opponent's moves, anticpate their next strike, and have the reflexes to carry it out. Once you get past our Soviet vodka soda drinking friend, it's no easy task. 
In a later re-release on NES, and much later in the Animal Crossing/Virtual Console versions; Mike Tyson is taken out of his own game. He is replaced by Mr. Dream, and rather odd choice who looks kinda bland, but yet has the same moves as Tyson. Many thought it was due to Tyson's criminal charges, but Nintendo's official statement was because he lost the Champion title. I'm sure the whole ear biting thing is never going to help matters either. Still a great game, Tyson-less or not.

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