Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Top Ten Nintendo DS Games #1: Chrono Trigger

The fan-favorite SNES game stayed on the retro console for many years and besides and crappy PS1 port most gamers never got much chances to replay it. However Square was smart enough to re-release the game on the DS, and the game finally has a superior version with less clutter due to the 2 screens and no load times fixing the PS1 problems. 
Chrono Trigger SNES or DS is still the same great masterpiece no matter which version you pick. I usually don't like Final Fantasy anything or a RPG that doesn't have Mario or Pokemon. However Chrono Trigger is fun, fast, and doesn't require much level-grinding. With a great cast of characters, a deep plot, and an epic quest, it's no wonder why I chose this as my favorite DS game. 

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