Sunday, March 27, 2011

Watched Twilight Saga: Eclipse with my Girlfriend

As I promised my girlfriend after she finished reading the novel like Twilight and New Moon, that I'd sit down and watch the movie with her. Now, I thought the first movie was kinda meh with a good part here and there, but I admit that I enjoyed New Moon. 
So I wasn't exactly dreading seeing the 3rd movie. I remember someone commenting on my last New Moon blog saying they liked New Moon but thought Eclipse was unwatchable. I on the other hand though it was pretty decent, though it feels like parts of the book was rushed or cut out. Though since I haven't read the books I have no idea how much.
The evil Victoria from the first two movies is back, and she wants to kill Bella again for the death of her boyfriend James in the first one. They also killed the other dude from the gang in the 2nd. 
She bites some loser named Riley Biers at the start of the film. He leads her "newborn" army of vampires against the Cullens in order to kill Bella. His only reason for doing it is because he thinks Victorias wuvs him. Oops. 
There's also more drama between Edward, Bella, and Jacob and their awkward love triangle. Well at least there's almost no high school scenes and their stupid friends.
I also liked the flash back scenes, especially Jaspers about how he was bit by a vampire and used to help her create a newborn army.
A decent movie regardless, and I'm interested to see how Breaking Dawn works out as a two part movie. 

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