Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I think of the 3DS Launch Games

PilotWings Resort is such a wasted potential. Controls are a little wonky and feels like Wii Sports Resort. Don't buy. 
Lego Star Wars III seems like a decent buy. 
Asphalt 3DS seems to much better than the shitty cell-phone port the original DS got. I hear it's borrows a lot from Burnout. 
Busta-a-move is the same ol same ol. Port after port.
Super Monkey Ball 3DS I hear is a decent game. Not as bad as series has gone lately but I hear it's not up to par to the early Gamecube games. 
Nintendogs +Cats would be a decent pick for the kids. I had the DS original, and it was fun for what it was. I don't really care about this sequel or the addition of kitty cats. 
Ubisoft is getting a lot of use out of Rayman 2. They ported it to the original DS, and now it's coming back to the 3DS. Defiantly better than the DS version.
Ridge Racer 3DS is yet another launch repeat offender, and looks pretty damn good. PSP owners can't show off anymore
Probably my most look forward title. Street IV 3DS really brings the great title to such a less-powerful platform. Looks pretty impressive.  
Steel Driver 2 is the defiantly the ugly duckling here. Should've saved this for DSiware. 

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