Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Now Parents Of Twins

The couple gave birth to twins, though they have yet to be named. Or at least until they sell the information to the highest bidder. Carey said this will be the end of her having kids. Considering she's in her 40's now, that's a wise move. 

Random Funny Picture Dump #47: Everyone Can Haz Cheeseburgers

Lindsay Lohan Pleads No Contest To Theft

Busted for running out with a necklace awhile back, now has gotten Lindsay in some big trouble. And by big trouble I mean a little 120 day jail sentence and 480 hours of community service. At least they're punishing the stupid bitch. 

Obama Calls End to Tax Breaks For Big Oil

With high profits, and rising gas prices; most seem to wonder if gas companies are really just raping our asses because they can. Obama has renewed the call to end all the great tax breaks and benefits we give to the oil companies. Many of whom pay little to no taxes at all. Republicans say this plan will cost jobs. I doubt our criminal house will pass it.

SC Governor Nikki Haley Gives Her 2 Cents on Unemployment Tax

Gov. Haley recently swung by Myrtle Beach SC, and giving her voice on the issue of paying back the Federal government for unemployment benefits which some of the burden falls on business owners. 

"We will no longer give seasonal workers employment benefits, because a lot of times, they know when they work at a waterpark, it's from June to August, and we're seeing that they're going out and collecting unemployment, a lot of college kids are doing that,"

"If you get a severance package, you no longer get unemployment. These are accountability provisions that will make a big difference in getting people back to work."

I somewhat agree with Haley for once. I believe seasonal employees aren't entitled to the benefits of part-time and full-time workers. I believe their time for benefits should be much less, just enough for them to snag a new job just incase they're really looking for work.

Fact of the Day: Nintendo Playstation

Originally the Playstation was going to be a add-on for the SNES that used CDs a game format. Similar to Sega's Sega CD add-on for the Genesis. There was a dispute over money, so Nintendo opted to go to Phillips instead. That deal eventually broke off, but led to the Phillips CD-i and them having the rights to make really bad games with Nintendo characters. This move got Sony pissed which led to create the Playstation which crushed the N64 in sales, as did the PS2 to the Gamecube. It wasn't only until this console generation where Nintendo was back on top of the sales charts.

Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS Brings Wireless Keyboard to DS

It's selling pretty good too in Japan. It's neat I suppose, though you are buying that keyboard for probably one single game. 

Redbox to Launch Video Games on All Kiosks on June 17

I've seen them before, I guess there going to hit them all soon enough. Decent selection, though 2 a night is a bit steep for my tastes oh well...

My Top 10 Gameboy Games #3: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3


Wario Land evolved out of the Super Mario Land series. Being very similar to 2 rather than the original. 

Lots of power-ups, secrets, and treasure to be had in this version. I loved how if you collect enough treasure it will effect the end of the game

Mitt Romney Defends Health Care Plan at Tea Party Forum

Unfortunately for Romney, he did sign a near-universal health care bill for the state of Massachusetts a few years ago. Now the hard-core members of his own party especially the tea baggers are putting a hurting on his primary chances. In his New Hampshire Tea Party forum appearance, he was asked, and refused to apologize for the plan, even though it has a mandate just like "obamacare." He plans to repeal it if possible. 

Portal 2's First DLC Will Be FREE

Luckily for Valve fans, when the DLC for Portal 2 hits this summer all gamers from PC, PS3, and 360 will be able to download it free of charge. Very nice!

Prince William Marries Kate Middleton

Prince Harry finally married his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton

I give it a year. 

Anyways here's some random pics of Kate to gawk at. 

My Top 10 Harry Potter Characters #7: Peeves

It's a shame the joking ghost was cut from the movies entirely. 
It's also hard to find a official image of Peeves. He changes a lot when media shifts from books to video games. When I read the books, the characters look just like the movies in my mind, so I had to use my imagination for Peeves. I think my mental image is probably closest to the top image.
Regardless of looks, Peeves is such a great character. His main goal is to cause trouble, and besides Dumbledore and the Bloody Baron, Peeves listens to hardly nobody most of the time.
I think one of my favorite moments was when he borrowed a cane from a professor so he could torment Dolores Umbridge.  
I also liked when he calls Harry "Potty" and started saying "Potty lurves Loony" when Harry invited Luna Lovegood to Slughorn's party as friends. 

Things I Like: Megaman 3

I love the Megaman series, but even I have to admit that the series hit it's peak around the 2nd game. 

Not to say that 3 wasn't a good game. It's one of the best games in the series, and the bosses for the most part aren't running out of originality like they do later in the series. 

It also added the sliding move, and I think the buster shot came in the game after that. Despite the gameplay improvements it suffers from worse design than the 2nd game. It's also hard as a motherfucker. Still love my Blue Bomber. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

My Top 10 Harry Potter Characters #8: Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix LeStrange came late in the series, but proved to be one of Voldemort's best supporters.

She got sent to Askaban after torturing Neville Longbottom's parents Frank and Alice to the point of insanity. 

And the plot point does come up to subject, with Neville meeting the one person he hates the most.

She is also responsible for the deaths of many characters such as Sirius Black, Dobby, and Tonks. 

Then she gets killed by Ron's mom Molly Weasley. The fuck?

Things I Hate: Tecmo Bowl (NES)

I really tried to like this one, but I can't get into it. I know it was the best of the best in the NES days.

But the graphics have aged, and it's hard to really do what you want to do. It's an impressive football game for NES, but I'd rather play Madden. 

Things I Like: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Loved this cartoon series, even the weird high heel wearing monster guy.

My Top 10 Gameboy Games #4: Kirby's Dreamland 2

Kirby has had a lot of games, but I really enjoyed this game the most besides maybe Canvas Curse.
The three animals giving Kirby a bit power-up added the gameplay. The Hamster was worthless, but the fish was great underwater, and the Owl made you a killer in the skies. 
Despite the Kirby games being mostly easy, collecting all the rainbow shards to form the rainbow sword is a tough challenge. And beat the final boss with the rainbow sword is one of the toughest fights in gaming history. It wouldn't be so bad if you they healed you after he transforms. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meredith Vieira Leaves Today Show

She will leave the show in the next couple of months. 

Her spot will be filled in by Today regular Ann Curry. 

Read the Simpsons Comics Spectacular

I'm a big Simpsons fan, but this book bored me quite a bit. After the first couple of stories, I was done; it's just not that funny. 

Things I Like: Duck Hunt

This was one of the first games I ever played. Pretty cool to see the gun actually shoot the screen. Blew your mind a bit.

It has aged a bit but I don't mind shooting duck after duck.

Remember kids, killing innocent animals is okay as long as you're hunting for sport.

Fact of the Day: A Haunted White House

Eleanor Roosevelt was so convinced the White House was haunted that she kept some holy water on her nightstand.