Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finished Fable II (Spoilers)

The original Fable was over-hyped, but still a good game. I heard some bad things about the 2nd game, well maybe disappointing things should I say.
You start out as a little kid in a very Oliver Twist kinda situation. You and your sister are orphans, and you're pretty much in a bad situation. Living in deep poverty, you get enough money to make a wish from someone. 
The wish leads you to this guy who kills your sister, and then tries to kill you.
He then turns really evil, and has the kingdom under tight fascist control.
So it's up to you and your (not so aging) dog to complete the quest and defeat Lucien. 
Frankly the main quest is alright. The bosses and enemies lack personality, and the final showdown is underwhelming. And the expressions, your dog, and all the people in the game are stupid. I have no desire to play Fable III. Fable had it's problems, but like a slightly stale piece of food you enjoyed it for what it was. Fable II is like eating something that tastes good at first, but has a mean aftertaste, and you somehow keep biting.  

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