Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Thoughts on the Presidency of Andrew Jackson

After having his election stolen from him, Jackson got his revenge 4 years later and became the 7th President of the United States.

Jackson did something no other President has ever done. Which was that he paid off the entire national debt. A impressive feat, though in the final year of his presidency a economic depression happened. 

Jackson also wanted the electoral college abolished. After the whole election beforehand, I don't blame him for the bitterness.

Jackson and his supporters also used the spoils system. Where a political party would give it's supporters governmental jobs after winning an election. This is indirect bribery and unethical. Shame on Mr. Jackson.

Jackson also wanted the 2nd National Bank closed for good. His polices led for a whole bunch of smaller banks to spring up, and they all later collapsed. Mainly due to issuing paper bank notes backed by virtually nothing. This lead to the panic of 1837 which took years to recover from.

After unpopular support for tariffs in the South, led many southerners including Vice President John C. Calhoun to suggest that states should be able to nullify not only tariff laws but any law that they wish. Jackson did not like this, even though he sympathized with the south on the tariff issue. Jackson wanted a strong union, and opposed any idea of succession of any state. Which is good because we all know how the bad succession turned out.

Despite unclear motives of voluntary and involuntary movings, Jackson was responsible for the moving of most Native American tribes westward. 4,000 Cherokee died on the trail of tears. This basically resulted in near-genocide, and is one of the worst chapters of American history.

Near the end of his presidency, a deranged man who went by Richard Lawrence tried to shoot the president with 2 pistols. They both misfired. The first serious attempt on a president's life was a lucky one for the man who sits in the oval office. Lawrence was found out to be a unemployed psycho who thought if Jackson died, his life would be better. He was never punished for the attempt.

The good things I can say about Jackson are of his past history of a General, his ability to protect the union, and his payoff of the national debt. His shaking fiscal problems most likely led to a five year depression, and he pretty much killed off the Native Americans.

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