Friday, April 22, 2011

My Thoughts on the Presidency of John Quincy Adams

The first son of a President to become President served as our 6th President. In the 1824 election, Adams had lost the electoral and popular vote to Andrew Jackson. However Jackson did not win enough to claim a majority. The case went to the House of Representatives. Henry Clay was the Speaker of the House, and did not like Jackson too much. Most people suspect that Adams and Clay struck a deal, and he was made president instead of the very much shocked Andrew Jackson. I think this was a rather crazy  move, Jackson won that election.
His victory would later come to haunt him. Jackson supporters were crazy and often opposed Adams in many cases. Adams also didn't put up much of a fight. He even refused to replace members of his cabinet that supported Jackson. His weakness led him to lose control of congress. Good in a sense of ethics, but not so much for a leader.
Adams helped create and promote the American System which were a form of high tariffs. There was a tariff to promote and protect the American industry, need for a national bank and currency, and federal money to improve roads, canals, and whatnot. 

Adams and Clay also helped set up the National Republican Party. Though it didn't take off so well especially at first, it later formed into the Whig party, and finally evolved into the modern Republican Party also known as the Grand Old Party. 
Adams also left a very nice policy regarding Native Americans. Sad to see the policy backflip when Jackson took office, but we'll save that for the next blog.
Adams was also quite the peacemaker and diplomat. He tried to stay as neutral as possible in conflicts like the Barbary Wars, and the Greek War of Independence. He also made many treaties with European nations. 
The election proved to show history repeats itself. Adams like his father were the only two presidents so far to lose an election. Jackson easily won especially after vast southern support. 
I really don't think John Quincy Adams was a bad president. Most of his actions were good or were intended to be so I hope.I think he lacked leadership, which doomed his political career. Despite the way he got to the top seat, I can respect the little things he managed to do as president.

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