Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Read Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows (Spoilers)

Such a good book, and the end to such a great series. 

Dumbledore is dead, and now Voldemort only has to worry about the Ministry of Magic.

Which he then controls by imperius cursing some guy who replaces the Minister he kills. 

So to top it all off Voldemort takes control of Hogwarts too.

And makes Snape the new headmaster.

Needless to say Harry and his friends are fucked.

I loved the battle of hogwarts. Though more people should have died. Low blow to Colin Creevey though. He just wanted to take pictures.

Seeing Harry going up to Voldemort to die, and then go to limbo, and then come back was such a good scene. 

I also liked seeing Neville Longbottom's evolution of character. Nagini got her ass whooped.

Wished the final fight between Harry and Voldermort was a bit longer. It was done much better in Goblet of Fire. Can't wait to see the the movie version in July.

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