Saturday, April 30, 2011

SC Governor Nikki Haley Gives Her 2 Cents on Unemployment Tax

Gov. Haley recently swung by Myrtle Beach SC, and giving her voice on the issue of paying back the Federal government for unemployment benefits which some of the burden falls on business owners. 

"We will no longer give seasonal workers employment benefits, because a lot of times, they know when they work at a waterpark, it's from June to August, and we're seeing that they're going out and collecting unemployment, a lot of college kids are doing that,"

"If you get a severance package, you no longer get unemployment. These are accountability provisions that will make a big difference in getting people back to work."

I somewhat agree with Haley for once. I believe seasonal employees aren't entitled to the benefits of part-time and full-time workers. I believe their time for benefits should be much less, just enough for them to snag a new job just incase they're really looking for work.

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