Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things I Like: Yu Yu Hakusho (SPOILERS)

I really liked this anime series when it first came out on Adult Swim. Later got bumped down to Toonami but hey it was the same. Starred Yusuke Urameshi a normal Japanese teenager. 
Just a worthless middle school near-drop out. Yusuke hate school and is the toughest kid in town.
Yet one idiot won't leave him alone until he beats him.
Yusuke's only friend is Keiko Yukimura, who's known him since toddler age. Then all of a sudden Yusuke gets hit by a car and dies. He is brought back to life by this baby.
Prince Enma or Koenma for short. He hires Yusuke to be their spirit detective, assigned to fight down the demons that disrupt earth. And they all seem to be in Japan. Yusuke eventually accepts, and the adventure begins. I really liked the role of Koenma, being a little baby that barked orders was great.
And his teenage form was also a breath of fresh air. Even though he was worthless on earth.
Botan is one of the many Grim Reapers. Man if I die, I hope Death is a skinny schoolgirl. After Yusuke's revival, she helps on Earth and spirit world.
Kuwabara was also such a good character. Comic relief most of the time, but I liked his evolution of character and his chemistry with Yukina. 
I also loved Kurama. His half human/demon self gave a unique storyline, and I liked his form of combat. 
But soon after he temporally goes back to his pure demon form, his character goes downhill. He's pretty weak at the end of the story despite being an S class demon or some bullshit.
Hiei manages to remain intact throughout the whole series. First as a major villain turned eventually good. Think Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.
Then we have Genkai, Yusuke's hard-ass of a teacher. After the dark tournament her role is blah. OMG SHE CAME BACK TO LIFE AFTER TOGURO KILLED HER!!!!!!!!!!
The first major storyline after the Rando was the Four Saint Beasts. It gave all the main characters a chance in the spotlight, and the time ticking on Keiko and Botan added to the suspense. 
Then Yusuke gets sent to rescue the ice maiden Yukina from gangsters. Then you find out that OMG SHE'S HIEI'S HALF-SISTER.
Then we had the Dark Tournament saga, which was the best in the series. But seriously, did anyone not think that was Genkai?
Toguro seemed kinda lame at first, but he quickly showed his stuff. The series' best villain.
The Older Toguro was pretty cool too. Annoying at times, but I liked his twisted personality. I hated him in the next chapter of the story though.
The final Toguro fight was epic, and it was hard to believe Yusuke beat him. Then you find out THAT HE WAS A SORT OF GOOD GUY ALL ALONG, HE JUST WAS A DICK AFTER ALL HIS STUDENTS DIED AND THREW TEMPER TANTRUMS.
The next major villain was Shinobu Sensui. The 2nd spirit dectective of the earth who was there before Yusuke. Set out to unleash demon world upon the earth to destroy it.
Even though the fight was long and drawn out, I liked the ending. Yusuke was transformed and kicked Sensui's tail.
Then we had the three kings saga which wrapped up the series.
Yusuke finds out that his great-times-40 something grandfather was a big bad demon. He fucked some chick, and after more and more generations Yusuke was strong enough to become a demon. Then he dies after pulling a Ghandi. Crap.
Yusuke then has to worry about this blind jerk.
And this crazy woman taking over demon world, and fucking things up. THEN EVERYTHING IS OKAY AFTER DEMON-DEMOCRACY WINS!
Despite the last two sagas being kinda sucky, I loved this series. 


biboa said...

i remember it from my earlier days :D thanks for reminding :D

Agung said...

maaf...boleh nanya gk??

punya video yuyu hakusho dari vol.1 - akhir !!!

klo punya mau di jual gk?
saya lagi koleksi serial animasi ini..
klo pun gk,kira" kk tau gk yg jual nya dmn??
soal y aku udh ubek" daerah bandung kgak ada yg jual serial animasi ini...