Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I Like: Dragon Ball Z's Cell Saga

We find out Frieza managed to survive and he looks all gay with the replacement body parts. He beat Goku to Earth, and all seems hopeless for the Z team. 
Then some random teenager appears out of the blue, and kicks butts of Frieza's men. 
He then takes care of Freiza's father too. 
Trunks told Goku he was from the future and Vegeta's son, and that two Androids would come along and destroy the earth as they know it. 
Goku does pretty good until the heart attack. 
But Vegeta saves the day. 
'SUPER SAIYAN BARGAIN SALE" and Vegeta manages to let the old Dr. Gero get away. 
He then releases these two monsters, who were the ones Trunks was afraid of. 
And they make short work out of Vegeta. 
And 18 gave Krillin some love. 
Then we see this jerk come out of nowhere. Sucks people's bodies out of the skin and absorbs them. 
But he really wanted to absorb 17 and 18. So he does after Piccolo loses. 
Then upgrades
and this powerful after Vegeta lets him. 
So there is some lame tournament planned, and Goku and his friend get their behinds kicked. 
Cell manages to give birth during the tournament to these little monsters. 
So Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 and kicks Cell's tail. 
He spits out 18, and tries to blow up the world. Goku takes him to King Kai's planet so they could all die. How thoughtful. 
But his plan messes up and Cell comes back even worse than ever. But Father and Son come up with a super attack to destroy him once and for all. 
So they wish everyone back to life. 
Except Goku. Even though this was not as good as the other two sagas I still enjoyed it, though it lacks much of the humor and is mainly about fighting. 

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