Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I Like: Dragon Ball Z's Frieza Saga

The Z Crew head to Namek to wish all the friends they lost during the Saiyan battle back to life. 
And shit the most evil and tough guy in the universe is after the Namekian dragon balls too. 
Despite being a threat to the Nameks, his pink puffy behind got blasted by Vegeta. 
His buddy Zarbon defeated Vegeta easier. 
Didn't finish him off, and then got a hole in his tummy. 
Then we learn all about Guru, and his giantness. Made Gohan and Krillin stronger by artificially make them awaken powers or something. Eh they needed to keep up with Vegeta. 
I really like the Ginyu force. They were like Power Rangers on something. 
I like the concept of stopping time. 
Too bad he didn't get ahead in life. 
Recoome was basically Nappa 2.0
And once again Goku proves that training and a proper diet makes a difference. 
He's also fast. 
And dumb enough to let people tell on him. 
But we know what happens to snitches. 
Porunga made Shenron look like a wimp. 3 wishes and everything. 
Frieza find sout about the Z team, and he already destroyed 1 planet before.
The little squirt is good 
Very confident
Beat Nail with ease
Though a dying Nail fused with Piccolo and gave his 2nd form a run for his money
Though his final form was nothing to laugh about. Vegeta's death is one of my favorite moments. 
Even Goku's Spirit bomb wasn't enough
Krillin's death was epic, and seeing Goku just lose it was shocking. 
He then turns into the mythical Super Saiyan that Vegeta always said he was. 
Watching the two square off was some of the best in DB history. 
Loved how Frieza basically just ask for his demise. 

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