Monday, May 30, 2011

Watched Escape From New York

Being made almost a decade before I was born, I never got a chance to watch it until now. 
I've heard plenty about the movie, especially all the references Metal Gear Solid makes to it. 
The story is set in New York in 1997 where the city has been turned into a prison, and the President is captured within the city, and someone must get him out. 
That man is Snake Plissken, who is offered a full pardon from the government if he rescues the President.  
He finds out that the President is being help captive by "The Duke" a de-facto leader who rules the criminal New York City. 
Speaking of the President, I really enjoyed his role at the end. 
Escape from New York is a unique movie with a fast pace and plenty of action. If you like action movies you'll love this, because this is easily one of the better movies I've seen come out of Netflix instant. 

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