Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Top Ten Dragon Ball Characters #1: Goku

I loved little Goku. He was such a weird kid. 
He could also fight very well. Only lost to Yamcha the first time because he was hungry. 
He did a Kamehameha on his first try. 
Loved the Nimbus cloud. 
The Jackie Chun fight was also pretty sweet. 
So was the battle against the Red Ribbon Army. 
Sad to see Goku lose for a stupid reason to Tien. 
3 eyes could even beat Piccolo's kid, but Goku tore through the big man himself. 
Loved the championship fight between Piccolo Jr. and Goku.
Also funny to see Chi-Chi grow up and then want to marry Goku as a promise during childhood. 
Heartbreaking to see him give up his life to defeat Raditz. 
But hey, somethings are worth it. 
Came in awesome during the Saiyans saga. 
Same thing with the Ginyu Force. Loved him defeating Recoome with one attack, or puching the red guy in the face and made him cry.  
Crap! Captain Ginyu, stole Goku's body and everything. Ribbit. 
But hey whatever Super Saiyan!
This is the part where Super Saiyan stopped being cool. 
Well not as cool as it used to be. 
I hated the Cell fight though. Quitter.
But loved seeing him return from the dead for 1 day. 
Super Saiyan 3 was pretty neat. 
And Super Vegito rocked. 
The Kid Buu fight was okay.
Good spirit bomb though. 


Zarbon !! said...

Goku é Legal e Mt Forte .. mais prefiro Vegeta

Unknown said...

ive got to agree with you Goku is a beast