Sunday, July 24, 2011

Captain Novolin Review

Oh the 90's, takes me back to a distant day where parents actually cared about their children. Except when they cared, they had awful ways of taking care of our problems. One of the ways of "helping" was really awful video games based on education. This one is for kids with diabetes which makes me wonder how large of a target audience they were really trying to reach. 
Well anyway, the game is about Captain Novolin, who unlike other superheroes has a problem. He's got diabetes, and he has no idea how to treat it. 
Thankfully Captain Novolin has health insurance, so he has plenty of doctors willing to help in his time of need. 
There's a couple of mini-games trying to teach kids how to do stuff they would normally do in real life. Like they really needed a video game for this. 
Alas there is a real game in here somewhere. After all the nonsense, you get to play a platformer starring our favorite superhero who can't take any sugar. His superpower? Slightly high jumping! Yep all you do is collect good food to eat, and avoid the bad food that apparently will come out personally to kill you when you have diabetes. 
If Captain Novolin played like real-life, then you would have a hard time avoiding bad foods and die on the sidewalk before dinner-time. For a game where there's really no technical problems, it's pretty bad. Probably one of the worst games of all time.

Score: 1 out of 10

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