Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Thoughts on Religion

I generally label myself as Agnostic, but how did I get here? Well....
When I was a kid, we never went to church until my dad died. I believed in God and Jesus, but never got a full dose of it. We went to a local Methodist church my whole time as a Christian, and they're really not that fundamental. You'll find members of any church really who are "that way", but it was a kind of moderate branch of the faith. 
While at church, this is basically the viewpoint as least to what I payed attention to. Granted I fell asleep during the actual service, but Sunday school was basically "Love Jesus, Jesus was good, God is Good, Good Good Good" and I'm at least glad they didn't try to scare me with hell. I didn't really care too greatly, but I did like some of the Youth activities like sleep-overs at the church, camp, beach trip, etc. since they were more fun than about God. 

I really don't like Christians who do believe the Bible is the "Word of God" with no mistakes or whatever. Most of those people know less about the Bible than I do. When you tell them that Moses wrote most of the early parts they're like "NO GOD DID!", and then you tell them about Paul with the last parts and they're like "NO GOD DID!". Maybe there is a flaw in the theory of evolution, because these fools sure aren't evolving. 
I also just hate the every living "heck" out of Christians who make big money off their followers, or the ones who spread propaganda through many venues. I actually got a Christian book thrown into my yard right before I went to work today. 
I have a deeper respect for Jewish people than I do Christians. They're usually very moderate, funny, and good people. They don't try to force their beliefs down your throat unlike some other group I know of. 

Islam is a mixed bag to me. I respect some of their ideas (the Koran for example says we're all equal regardless of race), but most members take a more hardcore stance on it, especially in the Middle East. But I have nothing against peaceful members, not the radicals we can't help to think of ever since 911 happened. 
If there is one religion I respect above all others it would have to be Buddhism. Overall for most religions, their members are the least annoying, the least hardcore, and the most respectful of others. My girlfriend and her family are Buddhist, and nobody in her family has made it an issue. 
I can't say I'm atheist, but I'm very close. Though I do respect true free-thinkers (like whoever wrote that picture), some of their members are just as bad as their Christian counterparts. One of my atheist friends told me not to mention that I'm agnostic to atheist groups because they can be rather harsh towards "people on the fence" even more so than a Christian. 
But hey it doesn't matter what you are, as long as you're happy, and that you respect other people. For the most part anyway.

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