Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things I Like: Deal or No Deal

The gameshow was pretty big when it came out, granted it did get a bit stale after some time. 

Howie Mandel was cool and annoying at the same time. 

I liked when they did special episodes or bits like the Star Wars stuff. 

Interesting enough, I noticed that one of briefcase girls was someone I recognized. Her name is Lisa Gleave, and she's not exactly a supermodel. 

But I remember when she used to be a booth-babe for Tecmo's Dead or Alive games at E3.

Fact of the Day: Pepsi Owns More than Soda

One of the things the Soda-giant owns is the whole Lays chips brand and all their sister chips as well. 

My Day Yesterday

Picked my girlfriend up from her house, she has the day off. We bought some groceries at Save-a-lot, and went the library. 

Found this while we were there. Haven't watched it yet. 

We did watch more Bamboo Blade, very good anime. 

I mailed my copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum back in to Blockbuster By Mail. I wonder what they will send to me next?

Then I went to work, sucky day. 

Japanese Words for the Day: More Home Stuff Again

Microwave is Denshi Renji

Oven is Oobun

Pillow is Makura

Mirror is Kagami

Radio is Rajio

Radiant Silvergun Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

It will hit at least Japan on September 15th of this year. The price will be $15, and feature online play and HD graphics like most XBLA games. Even though this Sega Saturn shooter never made it out of the land of the rising sun, fans have a lot of praise for this Treasure game. 

RollerCoaster Tycoon Coming to 3DS

The popular PC series is coming to the 3DS either this year or next. It will however not be a port of any game, but a new game built from the ground up. Like an actual theme park ride. 

Al Bundy Gets Walk of Fame Star

Congrats to Ed O'Neil on his Walk of Fame star, Sure thousands of others have received one, but hey Married with Children was awesome. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Abortion Law

It's seems Rick Perry and his anti-woman state house got a bit bummed with a federal judged blocked an abortion law for violating the 1st amendment. The law basically required almost all women to be shown a sonogram before an abortion would take place. For a party that claims to be against regulation of health-care, and for "freedom" they sure don't mind getting into a woman's privacy.  

Woman Buys Fake iPad, Turns Out To Be a Block of Wood

A woman in Spartanburg, SC was approached by two guys in a McDonald's parkinglot probably about to go buy a case of Chicken Mcnuggets, and they asked her if she wanted to buy an iPad or a laptop computer. The men said they buy them in bulk, so this lady haggles them down from about $300 to $180, and thinking she made a good buy came home to open her box to find a piece of wood. It was at least sorta made into an iPad. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

So I've been enjoying this one for quite a few days now, and tonight I finished the whole shabang. 
Forget any Batman game you ever played, because they're raw sewage in comparison to Arkham Asylum. Batman and company are re-imagined in a darker tone than some of the past Batman games, films, or cartoons. Kinda how like how Batman Begins, and especially The Dark Knight made the film series much better than the ones in the 90's.  
Not only does Batman have all his trademark gear at his disposal, but some of the new high-tech stuff. My favorite tool was detective mode which would let you discover secrets, and see enemy forces before you even reached them.  It allowed a lot of time to plan, and develop a strategy. It also has a ton of secrets. Whoever can discover all the Riddler secrets has no life. 
The game has a case of getting repetitive at times, sometimes there's only so many steroid-filled thugs to beat up. However once you start to get a little bored, they throw something to mix things up. My favorite moments were that of the Scarecrow and his fear-gas. Not only were the moments very similar to that of the GameCube game Eternal Darkness, but the boss battles were pretty trippy and very dissimilar to the rest of the game. 
It really is one of the best games on the Xbox 360, and easily the best Batman game ever crafted. I can't believe I waited so long to jump on the bandwagon here. Do not hesitate to pick this game up, even if you're not a Batman fan. 

Score: 9 out of 10

Things I Like: Ed, Edd N' Eddy

Such a good Cartoon Network show, kinda wished they hadn't cancelled it. 

The art style was a little goofy, but even goofier were the characters. I love them all even the ones with goats, braces, and pieces of wood with crayon faces. 

Things I Hate: The Pink Panther

It may be a classic cartoon but I always found it boring as a kid. 

Fact of the Day: Facebook Used To Be Only For Educated People

Facebook has changed a lot over the years, and when it was first started out it was only available to Harvard students and the site's creators. It eventually spread to other colleges, and finally to everyone. 

Japanese Words for the Day: House Stuff Part 2

Desk is Tsukue

Couch/Sofa is Sofaa

Futon is Futon, however it looks much different than the American version. 

Washer is Sentakuki

Dryer is Kansouki

My Day Yesterday

Woke up late again today, had to wake my girlfriend up for her job that started early so that messed by sleep up as a result. 

Went to put my job application in at a place today, got a little pre-interview too. I hope I get a call back. 

Got a decent amount of time playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. Managed to finish it after I got home from work. Fantastic game. 

Work wasn't so bad tonight, managed to get a lot done. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Nintendo Announces Gold Controller Bundle For The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The bundle will feature a full motion-plus controller with a bonus music CD for just $70 which is a steal if you don't have such a controller yet. I'll probably have to pass, sounds tempting but I'm a bit broke. 

Tetris Axis Announced For 3DS

Tetris has been pretty good to Nintendo over the past couple of years. Plenty of new games with online play for all of their current systems. Now it seems the 3DS is getting a Tetris as well. Tetris Axis will feature the usual stuff the other games have enjoyed such as classic mode and online play, but it will also have special 3D modes. 

Sounds good to me, I really liked the extra modes in Tetris DS.

Convicted Mormon Leader Warren Jeffs In Coma After Hunger Strike

The dude was sentenced to life not too long ago, however he apparently went on a hunger strike nobody cared about. He's now in a coma, and he may not survive. 

Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango Resigns After Scandal

Sure he's not really a high-profile politician, but his story is classic. Apparently he took a racy photo of himself on all fours as a way "to document his weight loss" or that's his excuse. The picture later turned up on a website for gay men, and he later resigned because of it. Weight loss? Anthony Weiner had a better excuse than that. 

Rush Limbaugh Says Obama Wanted Hurricane Irene to Be "Worse"

Hurricane Irene didn't kill everyone on the East Coast, and it was pretty well managed by governments on every level making it a hurricane that caused little harm or damage. Think this fat jerk would be happy? No, he instead reverse blames Obama because he says the President would want it to do massive damage so he could have something to blame the economy on. 

Rick Santorum Says Gay Community is On a Jihad Against Him

I didn't know it but one of my most hated Republicans was on the campaign trail in my city on Friday. Even though he didn't attract a big crowd, he was preaching heavily about how he hates gay people and wishes sodomy laws were still enforceable. In his own words he also said this. 

"So the gay community said, 'He's comparing gay sex to incest and polygamy, how dare he do this,' and they have gone out on a, I would argue, jihad against Rick Santorum since then,"

I know he's also very Anti-Muslim too, but seriously a Jihad? Islam is harsher on homosexuality than Christianity is, well at least these days. I hate this racist homophobe who doesn't believe in democracy. 

Lady Gaga Goes Out In Drag as Joe Calderone

That seriously is Lady Gaga dressed as a man. I love Lady Gaga, when you don't think she could surprise you with another crazy outfit she raises the bar again and again. It was hard to tell that was her, and she did try to make a little effort to give Joe Calderone a male-like voice. 

Michele Bachmann Thinks Earthquake & Hurricane Irene Were "An Act From God"

The psycho congresswoman is known for being very religious, and when she's not trying to destroy the lives of gay people, she preaches and makes conspiracy theories. 

"Washington, D.C., you'd think by now they'd get the message. An earthquake, a hurricane. Are you listening? The American people have done everything they can, and now it's time for an act of God and we're getting it,"

Really is she serious? An act from God? By no means could it possibly be a coincidence. I guess by her logic, God hates Japan a whole bunch since he gave that big earthquake. God also has a lot of problems with Florida and the tropics since they get hit by hurricanes like clockwork. 

Japan Will Soon Get New Prime Minister

Naoto Kan hasn't been Prime Minister very long, and he's already resigned in advance. So his party has selected a new Prime Minister which is Yoshihiko Noda. Not exactly the greatest place to be in the country. With economic issues, spending issues, foreign issues, and the whole earthquake mess leaves a lot of work to be done. Hopefully he'll do some good. 

Rick Santorum Argues With Ron Paul on September 11th Attack Motivations

I'm not much of a fan of either two of the wing-nuts, but I'm far closer to Paul especially when it comes to foreign policy. Santorum pounced on Paul over the notion that terrorists committed the plot due to our military presence in their countries. Which is pretty much a fact, even Bin Laden had admitted so before he died. Especially when we were in Saudi Arabia, the birth of Islam. Santorum however believes we were attacked because we are....America? Seriously is this guy really that stupid?