Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Day Yesterday

I thought I'd start doing this now, for readers to get to know me a little, and for time keeping records for myself. 

Yesterday I helped out a group of friends for our local Democratic party at a college fair event. We had a little table, and had a few people sign up. Parking was terrible, most places were only for students and teachers, so it was a headache trying to find a place to park that would not land me a ticket. Had a good time, even though I got sunburned. So much free stuff too, even Papa Johns gave us free slices of Pizza. Luckily thanks to clever planning, I was able to get 2 slices and 1 for my girlfriend. 

After that we went to the mall and Costco to look around. While my girlfriend was shopping at JCPenny I decided to get her birthday present from Things Remembered. It will be available tonight, but I will probably have to wait a day to get it since I'll be working. 

We also went looking at animals at the humane society and Petsmart. She wanted to see if they had a Husky dog and we finally found one, but it was kinda a mutt husky. We weren't looking to adopt anything, she's just wants one when we're married. I just went because I like seeing all the doggies and puppies. 

Also stopped by Party City, which is finally starting to put their Halloween stuff up. I miss Halloween already, can't wait to see some more of them. Also saw a new halloween store being put together near it, so I'll have another place to look around. 

After a long day, we went home and watched a little bit of Bamboo Blade. Pretty decent anime, very cute and funny. Looks great on my HDTV. 

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