Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Day Yesterday

Had to wake early to make sure my girlfriend was up early enough for her to go to work. One of my co-workers is out sick, so I had to work a little tiny shift to somehow satisfy the department. Ugh. 

I did get decent time to play Batman: Arkham Ayslum though. 

After I picked my girlfriend up from her new job, she made me take her to Wal-mart to get a lunchbox. At least we were at the one on the other side of town that's not that terrible. 

We also went to Pizza Inn for lunch/dinner. I got charged the evening or weekend price. I hate that crap. 

While picking slices at the buffet, I heard one of the cooks go "There's Justin Bieber", and I thought he was talking about him on the TV or something (there's a few on the walls), but it was actually a customer. The kid really did look like Justin Bieber, it was pretty funny. 

After that we went to mall, and while she was shopping I got her gift picked up from Things Remembered. She doesn't like surprises, so I at least told her what store her gift is from. 

Then we took a 2 hour nap when we got home. Somehow I felt worse when I woke up. Then I had to drive her home, and then go to bed. I hate that. 

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