Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paul Ryan Denies Run For President

A lot of Republicans are being asked this question about their name being thrown into the hat about taking on Obama in next year's election. Paul Ryan has quickly denied any intent of becoming President in 2013.

"I sincerely appreciate the support from those eager to chart a brighter future for the next generation. While humbled by the encouragement, I have not changed my mind, and therefore I am not seeking our party's nomination for President. I remain hopeful that our party will nominate a candidate committed to a pro-growth agenda of reform that restores the promise and prosperity of our exceptional nation. I remain grateful to those I serve in Southern Wisconsin for the unique opportunity to advance this effort in Congress." -Rep. Paul Ryan

Which is a good thing, the last thing we need is another clown who wants destroy all of the government welfare programs so they can give their criminal wall street friends yet another tax-break. 

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