Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I Hate: Nights: Journey of Dreams

This one came out of nowhere since the original game came out at least a decade before it and the poor-selling Sega Saturn. 
Speaking of Nights Into Dreams, I never did play the game. I've heard some legendary things, however I kinda wondered what was so great about flying through a bunch of rings. 
I don't know if Journey of Dreams is a true sequel or not, but it has rings I guess. 
Besides flying through rings, there really isn't much else to do. It's not a bad game through technical means, however it's just plain boring and vanilla. If the Sega Saturn "classic" is about as good, then it's one of the most overrated games of all time.

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Sakura said...

I think the official game of Nights:Journey of Dreams is pretty fun and it's not horrible.It's not too bad but even though you people hate it,we should not be insulting what is the several video games created by God.You should actually be thankful.