Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glenn Beck Boycotts Levi Jeans

So a recent Levi commercial has gotten the insane-conservative radio show host outraged. Why? Because it showed a bunch of calm teenagers who look like they might rebel. He compared the ad to Progressivism and European Socialists marching. I compare the ad to random images to appeal to hipster teenagers. But the damage is done and Beck will never buy a single pair of pants again. At least from Levi Jeans. 

""I love Levi’s. Never again, Levi’s, never again will you get a dime from me. I know you’re not disappointed. Never again. I won’t wear your stupid red tab."

I really think this a ploy from him to get more attention after Fox News cancelled his show and sent him the paid-internet subspace of webshows.

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