Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Day Yesterday: Pizza, Angry Birds, and Zodiac

Managed to play my last bits of Metroid: Other M for Wii. Not a fan. 

Picked up my girlfriend from work, and went out to a pizza place. 

She likes the arcade in there for the ticket machines even though there's nothing she wants to redeem (i.e. pointless addiction to bright lights and tickets), and she only put one dollar on her game card and walked over to some machine. Spun the wheel, and won 1000 tickets in one go. Not bad.

While I was waiting for her to finish eating, I got some playtime with Angry Birds Rio. 

We also went to the library where I got to read the monthly edition of The Progressive, and checked out a few things. 

When we got home, she put some songs on her iPod and I studied some Japanese. Trying to learn Katakana by heart. 

We also watched Zodiac, a movie based on the real life events of the famous serial killer. We almost finished it, but it's pretty good.  


Anonymous said...

Now I want to eat a pizza. :/

wolvz said...

Zodiac is a great movie!

Anonymous said...

Great Post :) +1 & followed

PhilO♥ said...

I've seen Zodiac :) It's good!
I love angry birds :P

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