Monday, September 26, 2011

Watched One Tree Hill Season 1

My girlfriend wanted me to watch this show with her, and we finally finished with season 1. 
Lucas Scott was a good character until halfway through until he became wishy washy and stupid. 
Nathan was very dislikable (for a reason) at first, but he turns out very good near the end. 
Oh and both of those dudes were brothers by two moms. Dan Scott is such a bad father, and general human being. 
Karen Roe was alright, her purpose sort of wanders around the season. 
Deb Scott had less purpose, but she's hot. So who cares?
Peyton was a decent character but she went between slightly bad girl to sorta nice girl. 
Haley James was a pretty decent character. I liked her relationship with Nathan come out of nowhere. 
Brooke was worthless. 
And Keith was Keith. Can't hate him, but on another hand he makes me feel depressed. 
Oh and there's basketball too. 

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i really like it