Saturday, September 24, 2011

Watched Rango

I didn't even notice when the film hit theaters, but I was excited to get the DVD when I heard how good it was.
The plot of the movie is about a young lizard who gives himself the name "Rango" he stole off a bottle. He's a wannabe actor, who somehow acts his way into a old-west style town of little critters. 
He somehow manages to become Sheriff, and must solve the town's water problem. Honestly even though I enjoyed the movie, the middle of it moves very slow and gets a tad boring.  
Granted the ending is pretty fantastic, and the movie as a whole is very well done. It's not going to rival one of Pixar's finest films, but it's a very good 3D animated picture. 


Content Hedgehog said...

Hmm... I wasn't going to see this movie, but now I'm tempted...

Gizmo said...

That movie rocks! They did awesome job with animation