Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dragon's Lair (NES) Review

Dragon's Lair was a big hit in the arcades back in the day. I was too young to experience it, but I do remember seeing the franchise time and time again over the years. I also heard how the game was pretty overrated when the graphics didn't seem as hot. 
The NES version doesn't feature the graphics of the original. Instead it goes for it's own style and transfers the game into plain 2D game-play. Except your knight in shiny armor feels as clumsy as a french waiter. 
And it doesn't help when everything pretty much kills you. I tried for about 30 mins to get passed this bridge. You know what happened. Either the bat killed me, the hole led me to my demise, the sea-serpent put his fangs in me, or the door led me to the afterlife. You know what I call a game where a door can kill you and it's almost impossible to walk more than 10 virtual feet without dying? A broken game. By the way, I'm serious about giving this game a zero out of ten. 

Score: 0 Out of 10  

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Anonymous said...

Never played but looks cool man!