Monday, October 31, 2011

Japanese Words For the Day: Bugs and "How Are You?"

Before we get into bugs, some people have been asking for me to put some sentences. I'm not exactly good at my grammar just yet so let's just keep it to some basic phrases. Now "How are you?" is pretty simple. I'm also going to write down how it sounds since Romaji is not always spelled like it sounds. 

Genki desu ka?


To respond all you need to say is 

Genki desu. 


Which means "I'm fine".

Dragonfly is Tonbo

Fly is Hae

Caterpillar is Kemushi

Bee is Hachi

Bugs in general are Mushi 


Anonymous said...

I feel Asian. :)

Inopportune said...

Thanks :D

JDC said...

I think ladybug is Tentou, but i only know that from watching Digimon as a kid.

Jase said...

I love this blog post! So easy to read and an interesting one at that. I look forward to your upcoming posts! Keep up the good work! Followed

Teddi said...

did you take these pictures? you must feel so smart with your fantabulous language skills. my brain hurts. it can't stand the strain.