Thursday, October 27, 2011

Japanese Words For the Day: Classic Pastimes

Playing Cards are Toranpu or Kado

Checkers are Chekka 

Chess is Chesu 

Dominoes are Domino 

Rock-Paper-Scissors is Janken


Anonymous said...

Janken sounds like Jenkem. lol
I'm such an immature. :P

Adele said...

It's amazing how most of the words are so similar xoxo

psychpost said...


GADAFINY said...

cool blog + following

Anonymous said...

Not surprised with the forcing English words into Japanese, why bother making new words when you can just copy it.

JOutlaw said...

I remember a kid moving onto my road from Japan and the only game we could play together was Janken.

It's funny how kids don't need to know the same language to be able to play games together.