Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Look Into History: Qin Shi Huang

Huang was the first Emperor of a fully unified China. After some drama and fighting he became sole ruler over one of the greatest countries of the East. 
Under his reign, we saw the first attempts at the Great Wall of China.
The not so famous Lingqu Canal. 
And the bizarre Terracotta Army statues.  
He also was a pretty serious ruler. He burned many books and people were severely discouraged about speaking out against his government. 
Huang was scared of death, and wished to make himself immortal. He tried everything in the books to give him eternal life. Took weird advice, sent people on quests, performed strange rituals, and some other stuff. 
He died after taking bogus advice that swallowing mercury pills would let you live forever. Instead it just killed him fast. Irony at it's best. 


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