Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Look Into Video Games: Gameboy Camera

I think for many of us, when we were kids this was our first digital camera. It had horrible resolution, no color, and you could barely tell what anything was besides some faces. Yet it was really fun. 

I think the best combo was it with the Gameboy Pocket. 

Though you could still use it on a GBA. At least the original one. 

But yeah the Gameboy Camera was more of turning your pictures into mini-games than it was for photography. 

The only cool thing I remember from it was the ability to turn my brother (not him in the picture by the way) into a video game boss. 

They even came out with the Gameboy Printer. 

The results were questionable. 


  1. Used to have wet dreams with that camera. :P

  2. Pretty sure you could have stuck any attachment onto a gameboy back in the day and us kids would have loved it. followed.

  3. You know that I have never seen it? I am a bit retrograde?