Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Day Yesterday: Bingo, Chess, and Old PS2 Games

I started my day by taking my empty soda cans to a metal scrap yard for money. Got about 9 bucks for 17 pounds. Barely worth the trouble. 

Took my girl to Pizza Inn, and we also shopped around a bit. At the dollar store I found this. Snow in can? Weird, but it sounds pretty neat for a Christmas tree. 

Went to Gamestop and found their pile of really cheap PS2 games. Got Hot Shots Golf 3. 

Medal of Honor Frontline

Smuggler's Run 2

We also hung out with my girlfriend's friend, and after dropping her off we went back to her house. My girlfriend wanted to play me on a real chess board this time around. I guess giant chess and virtual boards weren't enough for her. She lost pretty bad. 

We are also very young at heart, so we also played a Bingo game she bought for a buck at the dollar store. She won. Such random chance.


Unknown said...

SOunds like a fun day. I would love to buy snow in a can. We don't get snow down here so it's nice to see it, even if it's fake. Have fun with your many games.

Upcoming Top Games said...

Sounds like a nice day.

The Solitary Writer said...

Hope you enjoyed your day.. And the games looks like real fun.. Stay blessed.