Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Day Yesterday: It's Been A Long Day

I've had bad luck with contacts the past couple of days. Today I put in my contacts and feel an intense burning. The new solution I used was not happy with my eyes apparently. I tried shaking it off, but it stayed on there good. Thankfully there was enough solution in a better branded bottle to make it all nice and better. Felt like my eye was on fire. 

I had a long day today as well. Worked from 9 to 1 and then came back at 3:30 and stayed past 10. I didn't even go home, felt like it wasn't worth it. So it did seem like I was there ALL DAY. 

Went to Walgreens on my break. My girlfriend's favorite stuff animals are her husky dog and polar bear. I saw some big ones they look almost like her favorite ones. She wants, but she's not getting fifty bucks in stuff animals. 

On my break I also got some Papa Johns pizza. Very good. 


Dainté said...

I had the same problem with my contacts .... I dont know why this is happening :(

neatfit said...

I've only ever tried contacts twice, but after two days with them I realised glasses are for me, and contacts aren't. You don't like glasses?

DWei said...

Sucks about the contact lenses but you can afford to splurge on your girlfriend a bit can't you? ;)

my day in a sentence said...

You know, I was thinking about getting contacts, but the idea of such a little piece of glass (yeah, I know it's not glass) touching my eye kinda scares me. -.-'

Shaw said...

I could never use contacts :<

r.alsharif said...

Hope your eyes are doing ok after that! And that pizza does look good :D