Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Day Yesterday: New Jacket and Terrible Video Games

Today was just another normal day off from work. I don't have to work again until Halloween. My girlfriend and I played Hot Shots Golf 3 again. She's getting better. 
She also played World Championship Poker for PS2. She turned it off in about 5 minutes. Really awful. 
We also played Strike Force Bowling for PS2. It was....awful. Really awful. She had rented it through my Blockbuster By Mail account. Thank god I'm going to exchange in store for a new movie. 
While we were chilling out in my room, my brother knocked on the door and gave me a new sweatshirt/hooded jacket. He works at a place where he gets all the discounted or damaged items for almost nothing or free. It's pretty nice, my girlfriend likes it. Ignore the box behind me though. My brother keeps all his shipping supplies in the living room. When 3 adults live in a such a small house (3 bedroom, 1 bath), we tend to have a problem of where to put our stuff. 


JOutlaw said...

I know the woe's of living in a cramped place with lots of people! The hoodie looks pretty awesome though!

DEZMOND said...

where do you work, Adam?

Our Blog said...

Awesome, free clothes are always great. As for those games... yeah... they look bad.