Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strike Force Bowling (PS2) Review

For a video game connoisseur such as myself, I find it strange when I've never heard of a game. My girlfriend loved the bowling mini-game in both Wii Sports games, and she was thrilled to know that there was a bowling game for PS2. She rented it off my Blockbuster account, so it didn't really cost me anything in a sense. Except my time, which I want back. 
The game features basic bare-bones modes with a few characters and stages but that's about it. The bowling part is done in a more Hot Shots Golf fashion. You have a power bar, and you must time it right for your ball to roll done the lane properly. 
It's not that hard to get the hang of, but after mastering it you're left in sheer boredom. It's kinda like playing Dance Dance Revolution with the D-pad instead of the Dance Mat. Yeah you're technically playing a video game and having "fun" but there is just something missing. Maybe I'm spoiled by something like Wii Bowling, but combine that with bad production values, mediocre graphics, and boring music and you wouldn't be thrilled either. We sealed this game back in the envelope faster than you can say queue.  

Score: 3 out of 10

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