Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things I Hate: MegaMan X4

I first played this through the X collection on Gamecube, and even though it's not horrible it really disappointed me. 

Beside a minor upgrade in graphics, the only thing X4 does that first three didn't were cut-scenes. Very boring cut-scenes that I always skipped. 

Zero was a lot better to play as this time around, but I just thought the levels were either too poorly designed or too plain difficult to play through. More hardcore MegaMan fans might like it better than I did. 


Cary said...

Zero was and still is my favorite Megaman character. I got an original Gameboy and Megaman game that still works :)

erica marie said...

I've played megaman a few times on the gamecube but really never got that much into it.