Monday, October 31, 2011

Things I Like: The Wicker Man (1973 Film)

Need a perfect Halloween movie? Look none other than The Wicker Man. Not the remake but the 1973 British original. It's not scary in the traditional sense, there's not really any blood or gore, but it does seem more Stephen King than Wes Craven. 
The movie stars a police officer looking for a missing girl. He goes to a remote Scottish island in search for her. It's so remote that he's the only police officer there. He also doesn't even live there. De-facto island anarchy really. 
He soon discovers that the island is full of weirdos. The island is actually purely pagan, and it sharply contrasts with his Christian faith. But he must act quickly if he's suppose to save the lost girl. 
Christopher Lee also plays an awesome role as the religious head of the island. It's a movie full of mystery and shocking truths. A must watch. 


Jazz bazooka said...

i love this one, first time i hear about it in a blog thou

Anonymous said...

I have to watch this movie!

Teddi said...

fascinating! would it scare me? stephen king totally freaks me out. i'm such a chicken bawk bawk.

Snivli said...

Looks funny ill try to download it :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!