Monday, October 31, 2011

Watched The King's Speech (2010 Film)

Rented this movie today, and it was pretty much as good as I heard it was. 
The film is about the man who would eventually become King George VI of Great Britain. Despite being a royal, he can barely make a speech. 
Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue a speech therapist who helps King George VI become a real king not a stumbling fool with a crown. The best character of the film for sure. You might also recognize Rush as the guy who played Hector Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. 
Speaking of recognizing people, Dumbledore shows up as King George V. Not exactly as nice as his wizard alter ego. 
There is also another Harry Potter alumni in the movie as well. The woman who played Bellatrix LeStrange portrays Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. 
It's an all-star cast with such historic detail and high production values. It's a masterpiece of a movie, and such an interesting tale from a real-life event of misfortune to success. 


Elle Sees said...

It was...and some scenes were shot on the same stage as a porno

JJ said...

loved it too :p

Malinkaa said...

nice xD

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I loved this movie! I really enjoyed Firth and Rush interpretations!!

Teddi said...

this has been on my must see list. i was worried that it might be too boring. so what you're saying is it isn't. which is definitely a good thing.

Art said...

I loved this movie!

Happy Halloween!