Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Look Into History: U.S. Presidential Election of 1800

The election of 1800 saw incumbent John Adams go back up for re-election. This time both parties were mad at each other. Both the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans both threw baseless claims at one another. 

John Adam's running mate was Charles Cotesworth Pinckney who was the former United States Minister to France. 

Thomas Jefferson came back from defeat and went up for election again. 

His running mate was Aaron Burr 

Jefferson/Burr managed to beat the Adams/Pinckney ticket with 61% of the vote. Electoral votes were closer with Jefferson winning 73 vs Adam's 65.


  1. I'm your 200th follower!

    The elections then are so much different from now. In the future people will laugh at the methods we used.

  2. Thanks man, but the elections weren't so different than there are now. 1 party vs the other 1 party always causes drama. But I guess that's the fun of it.

  3. I agree with your last comment adam, nothing has changed so far...

  4. i was thinking that not much has changed. aren't you proud to be an american?