Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Look Into Video Games: Toad

Toad is a character in the Super Mario series, though there are many other Toads just like him. 
He first appears as a decoy in Super Mario Bros. What? Not another castle....
He did become fully playable in Super Mario Bros. 2. 

And Super Mario Kart.
He makes cameos in most of the Mario games, even the sports titles. 
Geeze does he ever take a break?
Not much love for Toad though. Using him as a shield is quite easy for Princess Peach's morality. 
There's also Toadette who is his female counterpart. Sister or girlfriend? Who knows. 
There's also Toadsworth, who must be the grandpappy of all the Toads. 
His Japanese name is Kinopio. 

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