Friday, November 25, 2011

My Day Yesterday: Thanksgiving 2011

I hope all of my American friends had a good Thanksgiving yesterday (And Canadians I hope you had a good one about a month ago) because mine was a bit more bittersweet. I'm a vegetarian who's not very keen on social-family outings, so I can easily say that Thanksgiving ranks about as low you can get on my favorite holiday list since I was a boy. Spent the day with my girlfriend's family, but had to leave home a few hours after dinner because my right contact was acting up. It was a painful ride home.

I'm just thankful that the best holiday is now just a month away.


Teddi said...

i'm a vegetarian too. i don't dig thanksgiving. it's not just the food (gaggy). it's also the history behind it (infuriating). oh, & the whole one day to be thankful blah blah blah. i'm thankful everyday of my life. the end.

Dainté said...

I wish in my country we would celebrate Thanksgiving day !