Monday, November 28, 2011

My Super Street Fighter IV (360) Impressions

Besides an in-store demo of the 3DS version, I haven't had much chance to play any edition of Street Fighter IV. My local library had this copy, so I just tried it out for the first time yesterday. 

I really like the graphical choice of IV vs something 2D like Street Fighter III or purely 3D like the EX series. It's cel-shaded, so it gives the best of both worlds and an almost living feel to the visuals. 

The combat is still a bit of the same ol' Street Fighter formula. There is a boatload of new characters though, so maybe this will be even better than I'm expecting. 


  1. i prefer Tekken on ps3

    Trololol :d

  2. I want this - I'll have to search for a pc version.

  3. I always play as the ladies for apparent reasons. ;)

    And Vega, Vega is awesome.

  4. @poopstm lol Tekken is good too

    @naturalone: I think they made a version for PC

    @Dwei: Vega ia awesome, and use the female characters all the time too ;)