Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things I Hate: Yu-Gi-Oh: The Falsebound Kingdom

In 8th grade, I became a Yugioh fan after watching the show and collecting the trading cards. Early on in my high school years they made a few video games. Falsebound Kingdom had me the most excited because it looked like the show but even cooler.
The first batch of screens looked really really good. Any fan would have waited for this game with joy. 
It certainly delivers moments to use your favorite monsters from the card game with full 3D graphics to enjoy. 
But other than that it's a really bland and stale RPG. I don't think I played more than 2 hours of it before I took my rental back to the drop-off box. 

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Life, Liberty and Accountability said...

yeah it looks pretty cool from the screen shots...but its not too surprising that it was lame