Saturday, November 26, 2011

Things I Like: James Bond: Agent Under Fire

I remember playing this a lot when I first got a Gamecube. It was no Goldeneye or Halo, but it did the job. 

It had a decent single player mode. Some fun levels of good shooting and exciting events. 

I liked the use of gadgets in the game. 

The driving levels were pretty good. 

I also played a decent amount of multiplayer with my friend and my brother. It was dumb compared to the online modes you can experience today but back then that's all we had. And no we didn't play PC games either. 


Jupitertree said...

OMG that games awesome It was my favorite game for a while despite the graphics!

Lizardmannnn said...

Ah I remember playing that one was a good one

Gizmo said...

I've never played Gamecube, I don't think I've even seen any in my life :o