Monday, November 28, 2011

Things I Like: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

I had 3 on Gamecube, but I just rented the 4th game. 
Don't get me wrong I liked the 3rd game, but it was hard to spend another $50 something dollars on another skateboarding game. 
I didn't think it was the greatest Tony Hawk game in the world, but it was a decent entry in the series. I think the first 3 were quite a bit better than 4. 


  1. Want to play this right now!

  2. Never touched any of these games, just didn't appeal to me.

  3. I played Pro Skater, it was my favorite game on PS1

  4. very gooooodddddddd!!!!!!!!!! :D

  5. @Elle Sees

    Yes I did, my old one made sense when I made it but it didn't know. Neko means cat in Japanese. Just wanted something more original and random.