Monday, November 21, 2011

Watched Paul (2011 Film)

I watched the copy I rented yesterday. Didn't even hear about it until after the DVD was released. 

The movie is about 2 nerds who are very big into comic books and alien culture. 

They then meet up with an actual alien who can't drive, smokes, can turn invisible, and eats pistachios. 

The film pays homage to many alien movies from the past couple of decades while parodying them as well. Some of the jokes fall flat often, the plot wanders pointlessly a bit, but I did enjoy watching Paul very much. It may not be an all-time classic, but it's one of this year's best movies. 


Sara Louise said...

Any good?

Unknown said...

I saw the trailer for it and watched one of the actors on an interview on The Daily Show. Not sure I will see it but thanks for the review.