Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Look Into History: U.S. Presidential Election of 1816

During the election, the War of 1812 was over and done with. The Democratic-Republicans were generally given good credit for handling the war well, and the Federalists were given backlash for protesting against it. Federalists also got a bad rap when New England groups talked of succession. 


With James Madison out of the picture, the Dem-Republican candidate was James Monroe who served as Secretary of State. 

His running mate was Daniel D. Tompkins, the then-current Governor of New York. 

Federalist nominated Rufus King yet again. 

His running mate was John Eager Howard, former Senator and Governor of Maryland. 

The election was an easy victory for Monroe with him winning 183 electoral votes versus King's 34. Monroe had about 68% of the vote versus King's percentage of about 30%.

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